Introducing a first of its kind grip obstacle! This nunchuck is a collaboration of efforts with the National Ninja League and Monstro Holds. We have taken a standard nunchuck and added a bolt block to completely remove any ‘close calls’ on whether or not a competitor uses the bolt during a competition. We’ve added an additional level of difficulty by making the block in a glossy surface which forces the users grip back down to the textured chuck.


Grabbing the bolt is bad form as it takes away from the difficulty of the obstacle and forces bad form. As it is a standing rule to not utilize the obstacles hardware in any competition, the NNL chuck takes this out of the equation.



  • Hidden bolt
  • Glossy surface bolt blocker
  • 10 inches tall
  • 1.5 in textured grip
  • Embossed NNL logo
  • Available in multiple color configurations*
  • Ships in 5-7 Business days

The NNL Chuck

Color 1
Color 2
  • *All of our products are made to order. We aim to ship all orders as fast as possible. Delays may occur based on current order load.