Introducing the Ninja's Nightmare! The world's first, modular salmon ladder bar.


A collaboration between Monstro Holds and Arm assassin, the NInja's Nightmare is truly diabolical! As if the salmon ladder wasn't already a technical and difficult obstacle for many, we have taken the simple bar that everyone is used to and twisted it upside down and backwards by adding a set of 2" spinning, HDPE plastic grips on a bar that weighs near 8 pounds! Believe us when we say, "You are not prepared!"


But... that's not all! If you think the spinning grips aren't enough of a challenge, you can swap them out for a set of canonball, nunchuck or cliff hanger/limit style grips to add a whole new level of difficulty to your training. (Sold seperately)



  • 5' long
  • modular design
  • HDPE spinning grips
  • ~8 pounds
  • holes for safety line tether
  • Aluminum and steel body
  • Locking collets for holding the grips in place*


*use of an impact driver to lock the collets is HIGHLY recommended



The Ninja's Nightmare

  • This is a made to order product and can take 2-3 weeks to ship.