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Based off the mechanics of the now infamous Wing Nut obstacle created by ninja athlete Kevin Carbone and perfected by the ATS Team. The Alpha Wing is not only the next progression of its predecessor but a leap forward in obstacle design. This original obstacle by the ODG not only looks slick and unique but its innovative design allows it to be used and completed in 3 different ways using its integrated ledges. Essentially making this a 3 in 1 obstacle!

Here is what you can do with a Alpha Wing

  • Method 1: Grip and pull in both sides of the obstacle. Building side to side momentum, lache to another Alpha Wing or obstacle and catch!
  • Method 2: Grip the front ledge of the obstacle. Building side to side momentum, lache to another Alpha Wing next ledge or obstacle and catch!
  • Method 3: Grip both sides of the ledges (hanging directly underneath the Alpha Wing) and build linear momentum. Lache your body forward and catch the next object. Much like the Flywheel obstacle.

Construction and Features

  • This obstacle is constructed from cast polyurethane (same material you find in climbing holds)  with a sleek poly-carbonate panel incorporated into its center to prevent over gripping and providing a great finished look.
  • You have two choices of bearing sizes for different axles. Meaning you will be able to easily remove similar obstacles that use the same tube/pipe diameter and simply slide your Alpha Wing in their place without having to need to reinstall a new support structure.
  • The Alpha Swing is also OES compatible with 3 connection points.

Alpha Swing OES Combinations
To make these combinations properly and safely you will need approved ODG elements and hardware. Available for purchase separately. See obstacle instructions for how to use. 

  • Coming soon…

What is included in my purchase?
For each unit you purchase you will receive the following:

  • (1) Alpha Wing body
  • (1) Wishbone support arm with bearings installed
  • (1) Bag of hardware for assembling support arm to body
  • (1) Instructions on assembly and installation

Bearing Guide
To ensure your purchase the correct variant of bearing please refer to this guide.

  • 1.5″ ID: bearings will fit all pipes, tubes, and rods between 1.375″ to 1.475″ outside diameter.
  • 2″ ID: bearings will fit all pipe, tubes, and rods between 1.85″ to 1.95″ OD outside diameter.

Colors & Construction
Alpha Wings are built to order so after your order is complete please expect a few days before your order is ready to ship. If you choose the custom option someone from Monstro Holds will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss your custom color request.

Alpha Wing