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  • What are your holds made of?
    All of our holds are made of pure, high-strength polyurethane. No fillers, or additives are used on anything we manufacture.
  • When will my order ship?
    All of our products are made to order. This allows us to keep costs down and provide custom options to our customers. We aim to ship all orders within 7-14 business days. At times, and depending on our current load, this can be shortened or extended.
  • What is a business day?
    A business day is any regular day of the week. A business day does not include weekends or holidays. Ex: If you order on a Friday morning, your order will ship by Thursday of the next week under normal circumstances. However, if that Friday happens to be July 4th, then it will not go into production until the next business day which is Monday and ship the monday after.
  • Do you sponsor any athletes?
    We do! You can see our sponsored athletes on our Team Monstro page.
  • Can you consider me or my son/daughter for Team Monstro?
    We consider everyone! There is no application process or sign up form. Our athletes are chosen by us and future athletes discussed with the team.
  • Will the color last outdoors?
    Some holds off UV protective coloring which are more resistant to fading. We automatically add this to the graspers as they are usually mounted outdoors. However, please note that the center tube is steel and as it is hit with pegs and rings, can cause sections that could rust.
  • Are there any warranties on your products?
    We are confident that most of our products are extremely durable under normal use and can last the lifetime of your training. However, ninja is an impactful sport and at time, holds and obstacles are used in a manner that can cause stress and chip away at the product. Hanging holds: Will replace under normal use conditions up to one year from purchase. Mounted holds: Climbing holds - Will replace under normal use conditions up to one year from purchase. Graspers - Will replace under normal use conditions up to one year should the hold Break. Please note that graspers will scuff from using rings. The front holes and inner skins may come lose from smacking the front with pegs. If this happens, simply remove the inner skin to avoid chips from falling. The hold will still function normally. If rust appears, applying some paint to the edge can help this. While we coat it to avoid this, the pain can chip off from pegs being used.
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