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Eric Totten
"The Monstro"

A long time fitness enthusiast with a passion for making things. With over 10 years experience in casting, molding, cad design and metalworking, Eric loves bringing new ideas to reality. He is a Monstro of extreme size and strength with a passion for technology and the art of making products through it. Whether it be cad design, 3D printing, molding and casting, leather work or automated manufacturing his passion for creating and even watching things be created has no limit. Eric recently turned his love for the show American Ninja Warrior into a dream experience by losing over 80 pounds and competing in the ANW Philadelphia Qualifiers in 2018.

Lucio Battista
"The Moustache"

The man, the myth, the Moustache! Lucio Battista is best known for his 16 inch, award winning, English-Style moustache. He recently debuted as a rookie on American Ninja Warrior season 9 in his trademark moustache super hero costume and plans on continuing to appear for many seasons to come. Lucio has an immeasurable passion for fitness and strength training and is constantly thinking on ways to enhance and test the limits of the modern-day ninja warrior. With ideas a plenty, its his passion for training and Eric’s passion for making that lead to the creation of Monstro Holds!

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